• Digital Portfolios

    All School City of Hobart students have a digital portfolio.  Students in kindergarten through fourth grade utilize Seesaw for digital portfolio creation. Beginning in fifth grade, our students create their portfolios in Google Sites.  Students work with staff members to plan, develop and publish their own professional digital portfolios.  When ready to do so, each student also has a personal domain (ex., johndoe.brickies.me) that can be used to publish finished work to the web.  As we show our students, these digital portfolios are meant to help students create and market their personal "brand."

    Build Your Brand, Brick By Brick

    Starting in the Fall of 2017, we began promoting the usage of the Google Sites, which allows for much more creativity and freedom of expression than the old template. Also, students are routinely receiving opportunities to learn about digital citizenship and the importance of establishing a positive digital footprint. 

    All HHS students are part of an Interactive Media course. This is a blended course, which means we are combining digital media with traditional classroom methods. Here’s a short video on Blended learning. This approach deliberately allows for flexibility since students can, in part, control the time, pace, and place of their learning. Many colleges, universities, and programs use this framework since it fosters independent learning with guided accountability. 

    All middle school students receive the same aid through their core classes. Students are provided with complete step-by-step instructions as well as tutorials and tip sheets that are available in Canvas. It’s all about helping students build their brands, brick-by-brick! Here’s a short video we show our students - it’s all about the brand called you! 

    Check out this cast made by one of our very own Brickies - Rebecca. She’ll share her digital portfolio with you - as our Seniors did this year!

    As shown in the video, the digital portfolio and videocast are great capstone projects for our Brickies that highlight their passions and accomplishments, such as: Showcase Pieces they’re proud of; Community Service Projects they’ve completed; Academic Accomplishments; Extracurricular Involvements; Honors and Awards; Internships/Jobs; and Course Artifacts to demonstrate gained skills throughout their coursework.

    Within the digital portfolio, you will have the opportunity to share your resume and transcripts (though not required), which will help you get your information to more colleges and employers easily. You can also post images and videos of honors and awards, documents of works you have completed, and anything else that you’d like to help you stand out.