• JUULING and Vaping In Our Schools

    HPD JUULING Letter

    Letter from HPD's Chief Ciszewski

    SAFE for Lake County

    PSA About Vaping

    New York Times Article: The Mysterious Vaping Illness That's 'Becoming and Epidemic':A surge of sever lung ailments has baffles doctors and public health experts.

    Talk With Your Teen About E-Cigarettes: A Tip Sheet for Parents

    Great links and information to help create a vape-free Indiana

    Please note: "Our School Resource Officers (SROs) have found these devices in every setting except for the Early Learning Center." To combat these issues, students with these devices will be charged through the Hobart City Court with a Class C Infraction (Indiana Statute 35-46-1-10.5). This will require a MANDATORY appearance and may carry a fine of up to $500, plus court costs of $114."


    Additional words from our School City of Hobart School Resource Officers:

    Parents and Guardians,
    We thank you for your partnership in keeping our students safe. Many of these products are odorless. We encourage you to check through your students belongings/backpacks and talk with the students about these issues.  Tell them what the late and great Larry Juzwicki always told me, “There is no safety in silence!”  

    Also remind them of our ANONYMOUS TIP LINE! There are 4 ways to make an anonymous tip:

    • Website: hhtp://1190/alert1.us

    • Email: 1190@alert1.us

    • Call: 219-942-TIPS (8477)

    • TEXT: 219-942-TIPS (8477)

    Our district Code is 1190.  If the situation is an emergency, DIAL 911.

    Ready to quit Juuling? Text Indiana to 88709

    FREE Mobile Program To Help Young Individuals Quit Vaping

    Indiana teens are more likely to use vaping devices than cigarettes. The increase in vaping among youth is rising at such an alarming rate that the U.S. Surgeon General is calling it an epidemic that “demands action to protect the lives of young people.” The age for cigarette purchases has risen to 21, but this won't help those that are already addicted. Furthermore, the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) has been investigating vaping-related severe lung injuries since early August and have already reported 5 deaths caused by vaping. The number of vaping-related lung injuries continues to rise steadily in Indiana and nationwide. Vaping is the only common factor in these injuries to date. Most individuals have reported vaping THC, the ingredient in marijuana, or other substances, but it’s unknown what specific products, brand or substance is causing these injuries. More information is being learned as new cases are investigated and data analyzed.

    In Indiana, the use of e-cigarettes and vaping among youth has risen more than 350 percent among high school and middle school students since 2012.

    So what to do? Sign up with Truth Initiative's "This Is Quitting" program which is the first-of-its-kind program to help young people quit vaping, This is Quitting gives youth and young adults the motivation and support they need to ditch JUUL and other e-cigarettes. It is a free mobile program from Truth Initiative designed to help young people quit vaping. The first-of-its-kind text messaging program incorporates messages from other young people like them who have attempted to, or successfully quit, e-cigarettes. Our messages show the real side of quitting, both the good and the bad, to help young people feel motivated, inspired and supported throughout their quitting process. We also send young people evidence-based tips and strategies to quit and stay quit. This is Quitting is tailored based on age (within 13 to 24 years old) and product usage to give teens and young adults appropriate recommendations about quitting.

    To enroll in This is Quitting, teens and young adults text DITCHJUUL to 88709. The first messages they receive will ask for their age and product usage so that they are able to receive relevant messages. Users receive one age-appropriate message per day tailored to their enrollment date or quit date, which can be set and reset via text message.

    Those who are not ready to quit receive at least four weeks of messages focused on building skills and confidence. Users with a quit date receive one week of messages prior to that date and at least eight weeks of messages after their quit date. Throughout the program, users can text COPE, STRESS, SLIP or MORE to receive instant support. Upon completion of the program, users receive periodic text messages from truth® and may continue to use supportive keywords for as long as they like.