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  • School City of Hobart and Hobart University offer so many opportunities for our students!  

  • Hobart University offers FREE college credit at HHS!  

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    Learn about earning college credit while at HHS:
    Indiana College Core - One year of college credit
    Associate Degree - Two years of college credit

    Click HERE to learn more about how to make sure that you are eligible to receive Early College Credit!

    What is dual credit?

    The School City of Hobart (SCOH) prides itself on our rich tradition of offering dynamic and comprehensive graduation pathways. Since 1999, the SCOH has been a statewide leader in this initiative to align student interests with potential college and/or career interests. Within these pathways, we provide rigorous courses that include dual credit and dual enrollment programs. Dual credit classes are college-level courses that are identified and accepted by the high school as meeting high school graduation requirements and are completed during “regular” school hours.

    How do the new legislative changes in graduation pathways in Indiana impact what we do at SCOH?

    Hobart University perfectly aligns with the new legislative changes, shown below. Students in the graduating class of 2023 and future graduating classes must satisfy ALL THREE of the following Graduation Pathway Requirements by completing one of the associated pathway options (shown in the right column).

    Students graduating in 2019, 2020, 2021, or 2022 may satisfy graduation requirements by either passing the current graduation qualifying exams (ISTEP+ 10) or by completing the Graduation  Pathway listed above. 

    Graduation Requirements IDOE

    What is Hobart University?

    Hobart University (HU) was founded in 2018 and is part of the Early College High School Initiative in the United States. This initiative allows students to meet the high school graduation requirements while also earning college credits. 

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    How much does it cost to attend Hobart University?

    Hobart University is tuition-free! Any course we offer by our credentialed teachers and at our beautiful campus at Hobart High School is tuition-free!!!!

    Brickies can chip away at the high cost of college and university programs by participating in HU and working to earn college credits. Our Brickies can even work towards earning a certificate or technical certificate and immediately join the workforce after graduation from high school. Or, students can earn a technical certificate and go to work while continuing their education at a college or university.

    Some of our Brickies will even take us up on the offer of earning an Associate’s Degree while a student at Hobart High School through participating in HU!!! Doing so would mean such students could graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 2 years after graduating from high school!!! And they could save A LOT of money!

    How much money could be saved?

    The Average Cost of Attendance (COA) of Indiana universities in 2018 is $21,740 for Indiana residents for just ONE year! And, tuition costs continue to increase on an annual basis.

    Indiana University, for instance, has a total cost of attendance for 2018-2019 of $24,778 for one year! Not even taking into consideration an increase in tuition costs over the next few years, students will spend upwards of $100,000 on a degree from Indiana University.

    So, Brickies can save thousands of dollars by participating in Hobart University if they Brickie Up, fulfill the prerequisites, and OWN IT!

    Who can go to Hobart University?

    All Brickies are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of Hobart University! To do so, however, our Brickies need to build their personal brands one brick at a time by ensuring they can meet the requirements to academically participate in our early college initiative through HU. Factors such as attendance, grades, good behavior, and qualifying test scores will all assist Brickies in making sure they are able to partake in HU!  

    How can I prepare to attend Hobart University?

    PSAT & SAT Virtual Parent Night: Spring 2022

    Khan Academy + College Board Free world-class test prep for the new SAT

    In order to participate in Hobart University and be eligible for the majority of classes, students will need to earn a qualifying PSAT and/or SAT score! To do so, students need to use The Khan Academy, which is the official practice partner for the SAT! Click here to start practicing in The Khan Academy – it’s FREE!!! The Khan Academy will create a tailored practice plan for you based on a diagnostic quiz that mirrors the SAT OR SAT / PSAT/NMSQT scores!                                           

    • There are 10 full-length, real practice tests!
    • Thousands of practice questions, videos, lessons, hints, and even study and test-taking tips & strategies!

    Use The Khan Academy SAT Prep in order to get constant feedback and progress so you know where you stand. Khan Academy SAT prep saves you a lot of money and qualifies you to participate in HU and thereby earn college credits while in high school!

    Parents, go here to learn more about The Khan Academy and see things from the educator’s perspective by going here!

    Students, go here to learn how to use The Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice

    16,000 students saw gains of 200 points or more!

    What are some of the dual credit & dual enrollment programs offered at HU?
    We are offering many programs that are designed to get our students the coursework and experience needed to fill jobs in high-demand career fields.  Leadership teams from the SCOH and Ivy Tech meet regularly to create several curricular frameworks that will enable students to earn certificates and associate degrees. Our stackable credits and courses allow for a wide variety of opportunities to meet the needs of our students in high school as they pursue careers.

    The SCOH partnership with Ivy Tech and several businesses enables us to offer several Early College programs through Hobart University while attending Hobart High School, such as:

    • Early Childhood
    • Cyber Security
    • Design Technology
    • Networking and Informatics
    • Business/Accounting
    • Criminal Justice
    • Liberal Arts - 60 Credit Hours
    • General Studies - 30 Credits Hours that are part of the Indiana College Core (ICC)
    • Medical Assistant
    • Energy Technology
    • Machine Tool Technology
    • Advanced Automation & Robotics

    Who are some of our partners?

    Ivy Tech is HU’s primary higher-educational partner. However, we work with local businesses and organizations such as Saint Mary Medical Center to create additional Early College programs that are aligned with our student's interests and the job trends and market demands. Currently, we are championing one of the first Early College large-scale models in Northwest Indiana and will continue expanding our network of partners we work with to make HU work for you!

    We want our students and their families to have the most cost-effective and innovative pathways possible to help our students (k-12) be college and career-ready. During the 2016-2017 school year, for instance, we worked with Saint Mary’s Medical Center and Ivy Tech to create an Early College program for our students through our Medical Assistance program.  Then, we worked with Ivy Tech to create the Energy Academy.  This, along with our Medical Assistant program, is meant to immediately prepare interested students for jobs that are in demand here in Northwest Indiana.  These are a few examples of our essential partners.

    Why Early College in high school?
    We are fully committed to combining high school and college in a rigorous, supportive environment that enables any interested and qualifying Hobart High School student to graduate with high school and college credits.  

    We know, from research, that Early College students are outperforming their peers nationwide:

    • 90% graduate high school vs. 78% of students nationally
    • 94% earn free college credits while in high school
    • 30% earn an Associate's degree or other postsecondary credentials while in high school

    What does the future hold for Brickies?
    The SCOH will continue to expand our programming opportunities in the years to come.  Such decisions will be based on student interest, job market trends, and additional partnerships. For instance, it is estimated that there will be over 150 annual energy field job openings in Northwest Indiana by 2020. As is the case within the medical field and other job sectors, SCOH’s partnerships with regional school systems, higher educational institutions, and employers are proactively addressing these sorts of demands represented in job sectors.

    The SCOH is preparing students to proactively meet the prerequisites needed to take many of these courses, but we are also deliberately building in time for our students to participate in a wide variety of hands-on Work-Based Learning (WBL) activities and cross-curricular opportunities.

    Stay tuned for more updates, check out these pathways to see what fits best for you, and please let us know how we can further serve you!