During the year, the Guidance Office receives scholarship information and applications from many different schools and programs, covering a vareity of career and study fields. The Department generates Scholarship Newsletters which are sent to parents and students to keep them up-to-date on these opportunities.

    Local Scholarship Book Information and Application:

    Every year the department presents a number of scholarships made available through the generosity of local businesses, organizations and individuals. They are combined in the "Local Scholarship Book" and utilize a single application. Students may apply for multiple scholarships from the book, if they meet the qualifications. It is available online only; no print copies are available. The form must be typed to be accepted. Students may access details and the form by clicking the links below. There are IMPORTANT instructions on the application, so be sure to read it through first!

    The deadline to submit your application is Thursday Feb 14 at 3pm in the Guidance Department.


    Local Scholarship Book: Scholarship Descriptions & Information

    Local Scholarship Book: Fillable Application