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  • The Early Learning Center strives to make information regarding our students available on many platforms.  Our podcast episodes are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.   If you are unable to attend one of our Kindergarten and Coffee sessions or need to review something previously discussed, you can find information here to help you.  Our podcast series can be heard through the soundcloud ap on your phone and played in the car for info on the go.  Subscribe today!

  • Kindergarten and Coffee September 2018

    by Length: 6:37

    In our first Kindergarten and Coffee session of this school year, Mrs. Schmidt, counselor and Mrs. Osika, kindergarten teacher, join us to share helpful tips on establishing routines with your child and beginning reading strategies used in our classrooms.

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  • Kindergarten and Coffee November 2018

    by Eberle Length: 12:20

    In this episode, we listen to our Mindfulness coach, DeAnne Jeanette as well as Kindergarten Teacher, Rhonda Crouch about mindfulness.  At the ELLC, we use mindfulness strategies with our students to help them learn to calm down and self regulate.  It is important to understand how the brain works during a meltdown to address the best plan of action to support your child.


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  • Internet Safety Tips

    by Length:

    In this podcast episode, Tammy May for the SCOH's Technology Crew talks to us about helpful ways to manage online safety threats for our children and tips to healthy screen time.


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