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    Brickie Definition 

    What is a Brickie?

    Hobart Brickies earned our name from the Brickyards in Hobart!
    Cities all over the Midwest purchased bricks that were manufactured right here in Hobart. 
    Around 1935, Hobart schools adopted the name "Brickies" to honor the workers in these brickyards.
    Our Mascot, Yohan, is a hard-working Brickie!  



    Who is Yohan?

    In 1942, George Zepko, a Senior at HHS, wrote the name "Yohan Petrovich" on the class roster during study hall as a prank.
    "Yohan" would continue on at HHS and eventually graduate in 1964. 

    Check out Yohan's high school transcript here!


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    Brickie Fight Song (Band)

    Brickie Fight Song (Band and Song)

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     What does it mean to be a Brickie?


    What does it mean to be a "Brickie?"

    Five years ago, if asked what it meant to be a Brickie, I would have said, "You live in Hobart." Now, if asked I would say it is nearly the highest honor one could be granted.  I believe the Brickie spirit embodies what every community wished to be, but I also believe this privilege comes with immense responsibility.  Because of this, I try to represent Hobart to the best of my ability at all times, especially during athletics, clubs, and volunteer activities. My junior year I was lucky enough to be given the honor of embodying Yohan.   This two year experience has shown me how powerful the Brickie spirit is as I get the opportunity to lead it and am thankful for it everyday.  Although there is no dictionary definition of what it means to be a Brickie, I believe it could be best defined as a mixture of integrity, honesty, responsibility, sportsmanship, and most importantly, pride in who you are and where you come from. Cade Brumley, Class of 2018.

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