Hobart High School Aquatic Center

  • Here is the vision....

New HS Aquatics Center Entrance
  • Here is the reality! 

  • We are pleased to introduce the new Hobart High School Community Aquatic Center!

    The Aquatic Center will provide everyone with a great space for athletics, exercise, and recreation.


    The Aquatic Center is nothing short of a work of art where athletic features and community fun can come together as one. The biggest highlight of the pool is the functionality. The pool has the ability to reconfigure for all different variations to host different types of swim meets. The Brickies can compete with 20 lanes at 25 yards or 10 lanes at 50 meters. The 25 yard lanes can be ran East to West or North to South simply by moving the 2 air risen bulkheads that can move in both directions. The pool is certified in all lane directions for precise competitions. As a traditional infinity pool, it is constantly being filled from the bottom and running into the gutter to be filtered and return to the pool. The water surface is 12,933 square feet with an astounding pool volume of 716,851 gallons! There are 5 diving boards - 4 at 1 meter and 1 at 3 meters which also has a diving harness system to help train divers with their rotations. The Aquatic Center was built for competition with a GEN 7 timing system with Colorado timing, 6 locker rooms, over 600 spectator seats and plenty of space upstairs for a bite to eat at the concessions and take a break. Amazing, right? It was built with our Brickies swimmers and divers in mind to help them succeed through high school, college, and beyond!


    Now that you have read all about the facility, I bet you are wondering what the community can use it for. Pretty much anything you can think of! Once it is safe to open we will continue with open swim. You will be able to come to a single session, purchase 6 month or 1 year single pass, or a 6 month to 1 year family passes. There is a great hospitality room and super cool inflatable obstacle course that can be rented out for parties and gatherings. If you are someone that likes to swim laps, we will be offering lanes to rent for your uninterrupted workout too! Outside organizations can rent it for their club swim competitions and of course we will have movie nights!


    See the Dedication Booklet here!

    See the Dedication Collage here!

    Click here to see the list of services for the community at the pricing! 
    (At this time the pool is not open to the public. We will announce when we can safely open.) 

    Click here to see the information about Group rentals for meets and tournaments!

    *All prices are subject to change. 


     Summary Programs


    High School Related

    • IHSAA Swimming and Diving
    • Large Invitational Meets
    • PE Instruction
    • Health/Life Fitness
    • Alternative Practices for all athletics (Recovery Days)
    • Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
    • Life Guarding and Water Safety Certification
    • Lifetime Recreation Class
    • Cross curricular activities; Math, Science, Health programs
    • Career Day


    Community Related

    • Health/Life Fitness Programming
    • Senior Citizen Open Swim
    • Learn to Swim for community youth
    • Swim Club(s)
    • Master Swim Program
    • Water Recreation activities including Scuba, Sail and related
    • USA/Indiana swimming meets
    • Large Regional events for economic development

Pool & Support Spaces





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