We Honor and Celebrate Our Veterans

  • Veterans Day 2021

    November 11th is not only a day to honor our Country's heroes, but also a day to put into realization what each of these individuals did for us as a nation and for our families. It is easy to get caught up in the everyday lifestyle that we currently live in, but times have not always been so great. Men and women have fought for rights and freedoms for years all across this globe. Families have said 'goodbye' countless times in hopes that it won't be their last. Tears have been shed for the many hardships, anguish, lost friends, unseen loved ones, and the pain of being without. Smiles have been made for the many return homes, victories, life-long friendships, and for the countless moments of knowing they are safe. Today is a day where the School City of Hobart proudly stands up and acknowledges all who have and are fighting, all who are separated from their loved ones, all who feel alone, all who were willing to give everything for the American people.  This day and each day we THANK YOU for all the sacrifices that you have and are continuing to give. 


    As a tiny showing of our appreciation, please enjoy these videos from our schools recognizing our many Veterans that have or are currently serving this great Country. 


     Early Learning Center


    Liberty Elementary


    Veterans Elementary at Mundell


    Joan Martin Elementary

    Hobart Middle School


    Hobart High School

    A special thank you to the staff members who always put together this event or in this case, the videos. All of these videos will be played at the schools for students to participate in and honor those brave men and women.

    From the Middle School, you have this year's Patriot's Pen winners! These three individuals did an excellent job writing their essays and after being reviewed and voted on by the VFW Post 5365, were chosen as the top ones! These Brickies have an opportunity to join the VFW and District at the annual Veteran's Ceremony at Veterans Park! They will also receive a certificate and a cash prize!

    First Place: Shu Jing Zheng - click her name to read her essay! 

    Second Place: Delaney Williams - click her name to read her essay!

    Third Place: Daniel Lahaie - click his name to read his essay! 


    From our High School, you can hear the "Voice of Democracy" winners give their speeches. These students' essays will continue on to the State Competition for a chance at a scholarship. 

    First Place: Emma Ramirez - click her name to see her essay or click here to hear it! 

    Second Place: Jim Lahaie - click his name to see his essay or click here to hear it! 

    Third Place: Emily Neuenfeld - click her name to see her essay or click here to hear it!