IN State Standards, Curriculum & Assessments

  • Curriculum K-12

    Our curriculum is easily accessible through Canvas, our Learning Management System (LMS).
    We warmly invite parents to join Canvas as "Parent Observers."
    This way, you can keep track of assignment deadlines, announcements, and other course materials.
    If you're interested in more deeply discussing specific curriculum maps or syllabi, please contact the applicable Director –  they're more than happy to assist! 


    Ms. Lori Anderson, Director of Elementary Curriculum
    Grades K-5
    Buildings: Early Learning Center at George Earle, Joan Martin Elementary School, Veterans Elementary at Mundell, Liberty Elementary
    Phone: 219-942-8885 X 1


    Dr. Tim Krieg, Director of Secondary Curriculum
    Grades 6-12
    Buildings: Hobart Middle School; Hobart High School
    Phone: 219-942-8885 X 1


    Mr. Matt Whiteman, Director of Student Services
    Grades K-12
    Brickie Virtual School (BVS)
    Phone: 219-942-8885 X 1

    Questions Regarding Indiana's Academic Standards & Local Curriculum (from IDOE) (July 2021)

    Educator Standards for Blended and Online Teaching and Memo from IDOE (March 2021)



    • The School City of Hobart's curricula is based on the Indiana Academic Standards. This standards-driven approach is student-centered, inclusive, collaborative, data and result-driven, transparent, trustworthy, and future-focused. 
    • Dual Credit courses (through Hobart University) additionally align with the partnering university's academic learning targets and are approved on an annual basis. 
    • SCOH staff utilize Canvas as our primary means of communicating the curricula on a daily basis. In Canvas, parents and students obtain access to curricular resources such as announcements, learning modules, syllabi & course outlines, assignments, assessments, rubrics, discussion boards, etc. 
    • Instructional strategies are research-based and geared towards students' needs as determined by data.


    Elementary Reading and Writing Curricula

    The name and publisher of SCOH’s Kindergarteners Reading and Writing Curricula:

    • Fundations published by Wilson Reading and Heggerty Phonemic Awareness published by Heggerty.   
    • Writing Curricula is Units of Study published by Heinemann.
    • Geodes Reading Curriculum.

    The name and publisher of SCOH’s Reading and Writing Curricula Grades 1 through 5:

    • Wonders published by McGraw-Hill.
    • Grades 1-2 also utilize Heggerty Phonemic Awareness published by Heggerty.
    • Units of Study writing curricula is also utilized and published by Heinemann.

    SCOH’s remedial programs:

    • Grades K-2:  Fundations and Heggerty.
    • Grades 3-5:  Wilson Reading System.
    • Grades 1-5:  Wonderworks published by McGraw Hill.




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