STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

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    Indiana STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

    Design creates the innovative products and solutions that will propel our economy forward, and artists ask deep questions about humanity that reveal which way forward actually is. Sustaining arts education is critically important. The School City of Hobart is committed to the multiple intelligences and STEAM! Whether engineering a product, researching medical innovations, creating programs in the Hour of Code, composing music compositions, or designing original art works, the students in Hobart are achieving and paving the way for a successful future.

    STEM in the School City of Hobart


    Brickie Makers and Innovators Showcase! - See the full webpage by clicking here! 

    What is the Maker Movement?

    The maker movement began as a trend in which individuals created and marketed products that were recreated and assembled using virtually any materials or products from computer-related devices. Since, it has expanded to a great number of DIY- (do-it-yourself) and DIWO- (do-it-with-others) based project types in many different areas, including technology, science and art. The Maker Movement is about creativity and collaboration, and about encouraging curiosity in learning.

    Makers at Hobart

    At Hobart, we encourage all students to be makers and innovators by exploring their creative minds and allowing them to work with their hands to create and develop their own ideas. We connect making and innovating to curriculum through STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Check out our STEAM channel at the top of our site. For more information on STEAM, check out our Focus on Education STEAM page here.

    Within the curriculum we have maker projects embedded at all grade levels through PLTW and other projects. Middle school students also work with 3D printing in PLTW, and high school students design and create in PLTW and then print their creations with 3D printers.

    Check out some of the projects Hobart students are working on!
    See students CREATE art, music, and technology, and watch students COLLABORATE as they design, develop, and code! There is no limit to what you can do!

    Students are also able to participate in making beyond school, too. Camp Invention at Joan Martin invites elementary students to be makers and create amazing products, and there are maker clubs available, too. Our students are also participating in Computer Science within the curriculum and outside it. Check out how Hobart students are getting involved in Computer science here!


    Innovate WithIn

    Innovate WithIn is a statewide high school pitch competition that offers up to $100,000 in cash prizes, mentorship opportunities, and in-state college tuition assistance. The mission is to teach students how to view life through a lens of innovation and entrepreneurship, while buidling a life of purpose. They envision a getneration of yourh with an "opportunities are everywhere" mindset, feuling innovation and hope for our communities, country, and world. To achieve this, they spark interest in innovation and design-thinking to solve problems, coach students through the process as they develop new ideas, and accelerate student solutions to market-ready venutres. 
    Innovates WithIn's premiere event is it's annual statewide pitch competition that allows high school students from every region of the state a chance to pitch their entrepreneurial idea for a chance to win $25,000 and the opportunity to collaborate with world-class innovators to help turn your business from a dream to a reality. 
    There are 3 phases to the competition: In phase 1, teams complete a business plan and 3 minute video pitch outling their idea.  In phase 2, 10 teams are selected in each of Indiana's 9 ESC regions. These teams will deliver a "shark tank" style, 5 minute pitch to a panel of judges at a Regional Finals event. To prepare they receive a guided counseling session from the Indiana Small Business Development center to help prepare their business model. Finally, in phase 3, Regional finalists participate in an 8-week bootcamp where they collaborate with world-class innovators, entrepreneurs, and others from our celebrity network to bring their idea to reality. This bootcamp is designed to develop market-ready prototypes and revenue models. This culminates in the State Finals event where the regional finalists will pitch their new, refined businesses to a panel of government officials, venture capitalists, and local entrepreneurs. Each member of the winning team receives $10,000 in seed funding, $10,000 in tuition to any Indiana college, and additional prizes worth $5,000. 


    See STEM in action!



    School City of Hobart offers various programs within our curriculum as well as extracurricular that are rich in STEM opportunities, such as Project Lead the Way (PLTW), Lego Robotics, Challenger Learning Center Study Trips, Camp Invention, Hour of Code and more!

    STEM: Jobs and Careers

    Periodic Table of STEM Occupations - Click here to see the pdf of the Stem chart for occupations. It has careers categorized by industry. Then breaks each down into specific careers, the median salary range and the minimum degree required!


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