• School Safety

    Click the poster to immediately go to the reporting SafeSchools Alert website!

    For an emergency, please dial 911! 
    SafeSchools Report It Flyer - Click for more info.

    "There is no safety in silence"
    "School safety and security is everyone's responsibility"

    Safety is one of our District's top priorities as is to help safeguard our school community.
    Our District uses SafeSchools Alert, a tip reporting service that allows students, staff, and parents to submit safety concerns to our Administration in four different ways:

    Phone: (219) 942-TIPS
    Text: (219) 942-TIPS
    Email: 1190@alert1.us
    Web: http://1190.alert1.us  or just click the poster. 

    You and your child(ren) can easily report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism, or any safety issue you are concerned about through the SafeSchools Alert.

    Every tip SafeSchools Alert  receives about our District is immediately logged in the system and our Administration is notified so that they can investigate and take appropriate action.
    Tips may also be submitted anonymously! 

    Together, using SafeSchools Alert, we can make our District a safer place to work and learn! 


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