• Facility Rental Information

    The School City of Hobart allows organizations and individuals the opportunity to rent our facilities.
    In order to rent our facilities, you must adhere to ALL policies and regulations that have been instituted by the school corporation.
    If you are interested in renting one of our facilities, please review the Policies and Regulations provided below, as well as the Facility Rental Fee Schedule. After reviewing the regulations and fee schedule if you wish to request the use of our facilities, please print and fill out Section 1 of the Facility Rental Request form and turn it in to the respective building administrator. They will contact you shortly after receiving your request to continue the rental process.

    Click HERE for the complete packet of information and forms you will need to request use of school facilities. The information is also available individually below.
    Board Policy 7510 - Use of Corporation Facilities
    Facility Rental Fee Schedule
    Form 7510F2 - Policies & Regulations for Use of Facilities
    Form 7510F1 - Request for Use of School Facilities

    Rental fees are subject to change without prior notice.
    The School City of Hobart reserves the right to reject any request for use of school facilities. All such decisions will be made in accordance with application of board policy and administrative guidelines as well as state and federal law. It shall be based on school officials' determination of the best interest for the school corporation and not based the political viewpoint or popularity of the sponsoring group's message or viewpoint.


    Questions?  Please contact Becky Rosenbaum at (219) 947-2413 ext. 8951 or rrosenbaum@hobart.k12.in.us