Kenneth Micah Louvierre

  • Micah Louvierre

    Joan Martin Elementary
    Class of 2023


    Here is why Micah is Someone You Should Know...
    Micah Louvierre, a fourth grader at Joan Martin Elementary, tried to earn money shoveling snow, but no one had cash. There was a little old lady who was snowed in but didn't have any money, and she was handicapped. Micah said, "Mom, I kinda want to go back and shovel for her for free. if she got hurt of there was a fire, no one could get to her, and she couldn't get out...that's scary." He went and got his shovel, and he and his mom dug her out. She heard them when they got close to the house and opened the door and said, "Thank you so much! No one has ever done anything like this for me!" Congratulations to Micah on making a difference doing kindness!

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