Alyssa Candiano

  • Alyssa Candiano

    Hobart Middle School 6th Grader
    Class of 2021


    Alyssa is a sixth grader at Hobart Middle School. She loves to run, is on the Cross Country team, was asked to audition in Indianapolis last year for the show America's Got Talent, and has more courage, confidence and positive mindset than most kids her age. What makes her even more inspiring? Alyssa has been legally blind since she was born and can only see 7 1/2 feet out of her left eye. This has never been an obstacle to her and has never stood in her way for the things she loves the most.
    With the help from her guide runner, Hayley Collins from HHS, Alyssa competes at all cross country meets and finishes strong in every one. She has been called an "inspiration" for many runners, students, coaches and adults! Her parent's believe that the "sky's the limit" when it comes to what Alyssa wants to do and everyone credits her wonderful attitude for her success and drive. You are an inspiration to us all Alyssa! Way to be an outstanding young lady and Hobart Brickie!

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    Alyssa kept going strong! Her dedication and courage has inspired so many! She and her guide runner, Hayley, went to do a radio interview! The experience was awesome! Check out the photo below !

    Radio Interview