Amanda Sandilla

  • Amanda Sandilla

    Hobart High School Senior
    Class of 2016


    Each year, Porter County Career and Technical Center nominates students for Indiana's Award of Excellence. This year that honor was given to Brickie, Amanda Sandilla! Amanda was chosen out of 1100 students to represent PCC! She will now get to move on with 60,000 other students to be considered for one of the ten award spots.

    Amanda is a senior and has been participating in the Early Childhood Education class offered at Hobart High School for the past two years. Her class time includes learning about child education while also getting to assist in an actual preschool classroom that meets at the high school. Amanda's teacher, Cheryl Bunch, describes Amanda as a flexible "go-to person" who is the first to volunteer for a project. Along with the work Amanda does with her Early Childhood Education class, she also volunteers at Joan Martin and has interned with a second grade teacher.

    Next year, Amanda plans to attend Calumet College of St. Joseph on a softball and academic scholarship. She will be studying elementary education with an English emphasis. Amanda hopes to be able to teach kindergarten through third grade.