Elijah Mercado

  • elijah mercado

    School City of Hobart Senior
    Class of 2016

    What can't we say about Eli? He is hard working, positive, academically successful and a State Bound Diver! This is why he is Someone You Should Know! This is only Eli's 2nd year as a swimmer and diver and his skills are unbelievable! Eli has been improving meet after meet, diver after dive, and now after placing 5th at Regional's he is heading to State! He is the FIRST diver to advance to state through the diving regional. With a second highest career score of 431.90 he is heading down to Indianapolis to compete in the 2016 Diving State Finals at IUPUI!
    Other great accomplishments through his season is becoming the 2nd best diver in Hobart's History with a score of 295. He also won the Sectional Championship with a score of 464.5 in a comeback victory over another diver who was only .3 lower! Great job Eli and keep working hard!

    Eli at State! - Eli dove amazing at state! He made it past the first two rounds getting him a spot in the top 16 out of 32, making him a state finalist! After his last three dives during the state competition he placed 15th overall and Hobart officially scored points at the state meet this year! It was a nice surprise to see some of the HHS students down there cheering him on and chanting his name after each dive! If anybody watched the state meet online even the commentators kept talking about Elijah and how happy he was after each dive, it was pretty cool to witness and Hobart was represented well by this young man! What a great end of the year and finish at state by Elijah!

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