• Injuries

    Whenever a person participates in an athletic endeavor, the possibility of injury always exists.  We have written this guide hoping that we can provide the student athlete and his or her parents with the information on how to report an injury, how injuries are attended to, physician referrals, releases to play, and state laws pertaining to injuries.  If you have any other questions that were not covered in the document, please contact the athletic training staff at (219) 942-8208.  


    Athletic Training Room

    The Athletic Training Room is a medical facility and should be treated as such.  Students and their parents should not touch or remove any items or materials without permission.  Any athlete who reports to the training room MUST sign-in.  Proper behavior and dress will be required at all times.

    The sports medicine team will assess, treat, and make recommendations regarding any injury that occurs while participating as a member of a Hobart High School athletic team.  All other injuries acquired will not be taken care of; these will need to be treated by the family physician.  Furthermore, we cannot assess or treat an injury that was the direct result of a car accident.  


    Injury Reporting

    The student athlete is required to report all injuries to their coach, or one of the athletic trainers as soon as possible.  The athletic trainer or coach will determine appropriate action regarding the injury.  If a member of the sports medicine staff is in attendance, they will evaluate and make a determination to the appropriate course of action that is best for the athlete.  Treatment will be based on established protocols furnished by the team physician or other affiliated physicians.  Most of the injuries that occur can be treated in the athletic training room.  If an injury is more involved, the athletic trainer will recommend a referral to a physician.


    Concussion Process

    Due to Indiana state law I.C. 20-34-7 when a head injury occurs, the athlete will be evaluated for a possible concussion among other injuries that can happen when the head is injured.  Typically, a repeat Impact test will be administered and compared with their baseline test.  If symptoms are consistent with a concussion, the athlete will need to be evaluated by a physician and return with state approved paperwork.  



    Referral Process

    Each year, we treat hundreds of injuries in the athletic training room.  Luckily, a majority of the injuries are minor.  The athletic training staff will evaluate and treat all injuries that occur while participating as a Hobart athlete.  

    Athletes are expected to take an active role in their health care.  We expect athletes to report all injuries to the athletic training staff.  We will decide the appropriate treatment plan that will be best for their recovery.  Most injuries are minor and we are able to treat them in our facility.  There are some instances that may require them to see a physician.  

    When they see a physician we will need proper documentation so they can return to games.  If your physician requests physical therapy, we are able to accommodate most therapy protocols.  This is a free service to Hobart athletes.


    Regular Injuries and State Rules

    If any injury occurs and there is lost time from full practice the state has set up a return to play practice rule.  

    • 5-10 Days Missed = 4 Practices
    • 10 or More Days Missed = 6 Practices