Veterans Elementary School at Mundell

  • The vision...


    Veterans Elementary at Mundell Field


    The Reality!


    Veterans Elementary School at Mundell

  • The great thing about Veterans Elementary is the thought, passion, pride, and history that went into the design and building of this school.

    One of the main center-points for the community is the "Veterans and Founder" Hallway. This hallway salutes famous and local veterans of the military. It highlights the early settler and founder of the property, Joseph Mundell. You can also admire murals painted by Brickie Alum, Pete Cortese! It is really a masterpiece and with some of the veterans being Brickie Alum, it touches the heart and undoubtedly makes you proud to be a Brickie.

    However, the students are the real winners with so many great amenities that were brought together with a powerful vision to ensure every student can be successful citizens and workers. Veterans Elementary is a solid foundation for our Brickies with assurance that we will keep our facilities updated with Technology and the infrastructure needed to provide STEAM opportunities. Every space was designed to enhance learning and to prepare students for their futures. With 76,002 square feet of dynamic, student-centered space - Veterans Elementary offers:

    • A campus that is completely wireless for robust learning anywhere, anytime.

    • A school that is STEAM ready.

    • A school that has abundant space for fitness and athletics, as well as the performing arts with a stage that has risers, lighting, projector and screen.

    • A school that has a cafe and media center which promote socializing and having fun while learning at school.

    Thanks to you this building became a school on August 24th, 2020 as we welcomed children for their very first day of school. This new school already stands as an icon in the Hobart community with its beauty and proud purpose of the pursuit of "Success for All Students".


    See the Dedication Booklet here!