• Texting and Driving: It's Not Worth It!

    Imagine driving the whole length of a football field with your eyes closed. Would you ever do that on the road? With friends and family in the car? This is what happens every time you read or send a text. The average text only takes a tiny 5 seconds to send but at 55 mph, that 5 seconds is over 300 yards of driving while looking at your electronic device.

    We have heard time and time again that you shouldn't text and drive, yet it has become so common that it is now the leading cause of death among teen drivers. With more than 3,000 teen deaths and over 400,000 injuries each year related to cell phone use, the issue isn't going to go away. That is unless you make the change!

    This video is a great representation of reality and how your decision will impact many others, not just you. To help save a life and be a hero, put your electronic device away while you are driving. Don't be a statistic! It can wait.