Senior Citizen Gold Card

  • School City of Hobart strongly believes in the importance of our community being engaged in our schools and our schools being engaged in our community.  There are many opportunities for you to be engaged in our schools and we would encourage you to do so.  Perhaps you would like to attend an athletic event or a musical performance or maybe even a play by our fantastic theatre students?  Any of these would allow you to be more a part of our schools and that is our goal!


    The Senior Citizen Gold Card allows you free access to:

    -Field House Indoor Track

    -Blood Pressure Screening

    -Brickie Cove Book Club

    -Athletic Events (not including post-season IHSAA sponsored events)

    -All Theatre Showings

    -All Choir and Wolfgang Concerts

    -All Band and Orchestra Concerts

    The Senior Citizen Gold Card is available to all Hobart Residents age 62 and older during the current school year. 

    Bring the card with you to any of the events and show to ticket sales.  If you haven't received your Brickie Senior Citizen Gold Card by mail, please call us at (219)942-8885 to claim yours!