• Hobart High School Graduation Options

    2022-2023 Career Pathway and Course Description Guide

    HHS Career Pathway & Course Description Guide       

    Learn about earning college credit while at HHS:
    Indiana College Core - One year of college credit
    Associate Degree - Two years of college credit

    Students in the graduating class of 2023 must satisfy all three of the following Graduation Pathway Requirements by completing on the the associated Pathway options:

    1. High School Diploma
    Meet the statutorily defined diploma credit and curricular options

    2. Learn and Demonstrate Employability Skills (Students must complete at least one of the following.)
    Project-Based Learning allows students to gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.  The project is framed by a meaningful problem to solve or question to answer, at the appropriate level of challenge.  Students engage in a rigorous, extended process of asking questions, finding resources, and applying information.  Students often make their project work public by explaining, displaying, and/or presenting it to people beyond the classroom.  Demonstrations include:
    - Completion of a course capstone,
    - Completion of a research project,
    - Completion of Cambridge International Global Perspectives and Research,
    - Completion of the AP Capstone Assessment, OR
    - Other (with approval by the State Board of Education).

    Service-Based Learning integrates meaningful service to enrich and apply academic knowledge, teach civic and personal responsibility (and other employability skills), and strengthen communities.  Demonstrations include:
    - Participation in a meaningful volunteer or civic engagement experience,
    - Engagementin a school-based activity, such as co-curricular or extra-curricular activity or sport for at least one acacdemic year, OR
    - Other (with approval by the State Board of Education).

    Work-Based Learning (Work Ethic Certificate) is a strategy to reinforce academic, technical, and social skills learned in the classroom through collaborative activities with employer partners.  Work-based learning experiences allow students to apply classroom theories to practical problems, to explore career options, and pursue personal and professional goals.  
    - Complete of a course capstone,
    - Completion of an internship,
    - Obtaining the Governor's Work Ethis Certificate,
    - Employment outside of the school day, OR
    - Other (with approval by the State Board of Education).

    3. Postsecondary-Ready Competencies (Students must complete at least one of the following.)
    Honors Diploma
    ACT, SAT, or ASVAB (must meet national college-ready benchmarks set by the College Board and ACT)
    Certifications, CTE and Dual Credit
    - Hobart University
    - Porter County Career Center