• Success: What to Expect as a College Student

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    Early College opportunities provide a cost-effective, efficient, and engaging way for students to take courses that align with their career interests.  By saving money and time, enrolling into an Early College program while attending high school provides students with unprecedented opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have until later in life.

    Early College opportunities are met with an increase in rigor and responsibility. As Early College students, participants will be expected to embrace these challenges.

    For such reasons, the SCOH will work with the Ivy Tech College Connection Coach and supporting faculty to foster a healthy balance between supporting our Early College students while helping them build their own independence and resilience.  

    For instance, here are some of the major differences between traditional high school courses and early college courses:

  • Hobart University works with Ivy Tech College to help students embrace these differences, build their own independence, and make this transition smooth. Students are in charge of their learning. the SCOH and Ivy Tech will partner to assist students in every way possible. 

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    Academic Advising: Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you face?  Do you have test anxiety or trouble taking notes?  We have resources to help you be successful!  Schedule a meeting with our Early College Coach today by calling Hobart High School's Guidance Department at (219)942-8521.