Hobart Cheerleading Booster Club

  • The Hobart Cheerleader Parent Boosters exist to provide support to our student athletes and the coaching staff by helping to support everything our teams need. The booster club helps to fundraise, arrange meals and snacks, organize, and generally support the cheerleaders and the coaching staff so that they can focus on what they are here to do and that is cheer on our brickies!

    The booster club is to support and provide assistance to the team and coaches with their needs over the season. Booster club members do not have any say in coaching, rules, or day to day running of the team. Booster club meetings will not be occasions to discuss practices, team members, or any such information. It will be strictly for the business of supporting the team and coaching staff. You can participate as much as you are able! We look forward to working together! The Hobart Cheerleader Parent Booster Club is open to any parent of a cheerleader who wishes to help make a difference and support the team.

    The Booster Club will meet the 3rd Tuesay of every month at 6 pm unless otherwise stated on our cheer calendar. Meetings will be held in the athletic department hospitality room.  Please enter through door 18.

    Established Booster Club Members


    Secretary/Communications Chair

    Fundraising Committee

    Bake Sale Coordinator 

    Community Service Coordinator

    Team Bonding Coordinator

    Meeting Minutes

    June 2017 Minutes

    July 2017 Minutes

    August 2017 Minutes

    September 2017 Agenda

    October-January meetings were cancelled due to no active fundraising or booster activities being underway and the tight basketball/competition season schedule for the athletes.  February 2018 meeting was held via email and sign-up genius app for our annual competition fundraiser held the first weekend of March.