Language Arts

  • **Curriculum Pacing Guides are in Google Apps- Guides are available upon request**

    English/LA Curriculum are based on the Indiana Academic Standards, 6+1 writing program, the College, Career Readiness Standards (CCR) and the IDOE ECA English 10 blueprint are also used to formulate the curriculum for 9th - 12th grade English Language Arts.

    English/Language Arts Tiered Instruction

    Scholastic READ 180 Program

    READ 180 is a comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development proven to raise reading achievement for struggling readers in Grades 4–12+. READ 180 is designed to maximize student engagement, teacher effectiveness, and leader empowerment.

    READ 180 is a tiered reading intervention used at the elementary schools, middle school and high school.
    READ 180 is organized into three stages.

    Stage A- Elementary/ Grades 4 and 5

    Stage B- Middle School

    • 6th grade: READ 180 Original Book
    • 7th grade: READ 180 Flex Book
    • 8th grade: READ 180 Flex 2 Book

    Stage C- High School