• The School City of Hobart is 1:1 district-wide.  This means that each student is issued a device with which they will receive differentiated instruction through a wide variety of programs.  Students in Kindergarten are assigned iPads, which are kept locked in classroom carts for daily use.  Students in grades 1-12 are assigned Chromebooks, which are carried with the students and taken home at the end of the school day.  All students with Chromebooks are expected to bring their assigned devices with them to school each day for classroom/instructional use.

    Students at the School City of Hobart will use technology to develop skills in critical thinking and collaboration.  Technology should be used as a productivity tool to reach learning goals.  When using technology in social media, it should be used in a healthy way that fosters collaboration and community, helping others, and learning.  Students will learn to be responsible digital citizens who consider each post and publication they put online, and they will learn to discern information in the vast pool available to them.

    Why 1:1 Technology?

    1:1 technology provides a wealth of benefits to students.  From access to educational resources and information to collaborative opportunities without distance restrictions, students are able to learn and participate in a global network of peers, educators and professionals.  Differentiated learning provides students with the ability to learn at their own level, in their own style, and at their own pace.  It can provide students with individualized learning through adaptive technology (like Khan Academy) that continues to reinforce and strengthen skills.  As students prepare for the future, they will look to colleges and the work force, both of which are immersed in technology.  Students must be able to not only use technology, but use it responsibly and effectively in order to be competitive.

    Chromebook Insurance

    Chromebook insurance is covered by a third-party insurance group Worth Ave. Group.  The insurance covers accidental damage (drops, spills, cracked screens), standard perils (fire, flood, natural disasters), and theft.  This covers the device and power cable of the ORIGINAL device that was issued to the student.  A claim will be completed by the school in the event of damage and information MUST be provided, including what happened to the device and when, WITHIN 90 days of the damage.  Failure to provide detailed information or to make a claim within 90 days may result in the claim being denied and the student/parent being charged for repair costs.

    In the event of damage, students will be provided with loaner chromebooks so that they can continue their schoolwork.  Any damage done to a loaner chromebook will be the responsibility of the student and invoices will be sent home to cover the cost of repairs.  The original, insured chromebook will be returned to the student once the repair is complete.  This usually takes 1-2 weeks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the charge for Chromebooks?

    This varies by grade level depending on the type of Chromebook being used.  All fees for Chromebooks are in the place of textbook rental.  There are no additional textbook fees unless the student enrolls in certain AP, dual credit, or career courses at the high school.  For the exact cost of your textbook rental, please check Skyward or the Book Rental web page.

    I already have a device.  Can I use mine?

    No.  In order to keep students protected online, all school devices have applied policies and Internet filters.  We do not have the ability to manage or filter personal devices.

    Do I keep my Chromebook on breaks and over summer?

    Students take their Chromebooks home each day, over weekends, and on regular breaks scheduled during the school year.  They will be collected at the end of the school year and kept by the district over the summer in order to do maintenance and updates.  Students will receive the same Chromebook the following year if they return to the same school.  Students may be issued their Chromebooks during the summer if they are attending summer school courses that require device use.

    How do I connect at home?

    Take a look at our Connecting at Home guide here!

    I don't have Internet at home.  How can I use my Chromebook to do homework?

    Not all students have access to the Internet outside of school.  As a result, teachers provide curriculum that can be done in "offline mode" when necessary so that the device can still be used even when the Internet is not available.

    Also, see Comcast's Internet Essentials offer - an affordable Internet package available to low-income homes.