Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment

  • All elementary students in Hobart schools are learning to read music using a very silly story called Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment.  These stories help us learn the note names to music notes on the staff and in turn- we get to make beautiful music!

    Notes on scale

    Click here to view an introduction to Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment and hear the story!

    For a printable copy of book 1 (notes C, D, E, F) click here.



    In 4th and 5th grade, we continue our study of learning to read music with "MAD MINUTE" tests. Students have 1 minute to name 30 note names that they need to have memorized. Memorizing note names improves students’ overall music reading performance; it decreases the amount of time to translate written music to instruments and allows students to move onto more challenging concepts.

    You can practice for Mad Minutes here

    Here are some helpful sayings to help us remember the names of the notes on the lines and spaces:

    You may view them safely from this website by pressing the play button.   
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