Recorder Karate Page

  • Here in School City of Hobart, we learn to play recorders in fourth and fifth grade. The recorder is an affordable wind instrument that is easy to learn and play, helps promote literacy by learning to read music, a good sized instrument for children, helps children gain confidence and learn to work as a group member, and is the perfect instrument for music education at home and at school! The most important reason to play recorder is because it is FUN!


    Recorder Karate is a curriculum for learning the recorder. As students become more proficient on their instruments they earn "belts" in the form of ribbons they attached to their recorders.

    Visit the Recorder Karate Dojo for extra practice and play-a-long recordings! The username is karate, see Mrs. Amsler for the password.

    Click on the belts below for videos, music and helpful tools and tips.

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    Purple Belt Logo Blue Belt Logo Red Belt Logo Brown Belt Logo

    Black Belt Logo Advanced Black Belts Logo Bonus Belts Logo Alto Recorder Logo




    Click HERE  to view a collection of recorder videos recommended by Mrs. Amsler.  You may view them safely from this website by pressing the play button.   

    WARNING: Clicking on the video links will take you to and away from the Hobart website. Please monitor your child's web activities.