Extra-Curricular Athletic Fee

  • An Athletic Fee is required for extra-curricular activities and athletics.

    • Athletic fees are on a per-season basis (fall/winter/spring).
      • Athletics per student: $25.00 per season. Maximum of $75.00
      • Cheerleading per student $25.00 per season. Maximum of $50.00
        Note: If a student participates in more than one sport within the same season, a single $25.00 fee will cover both seasonal activities.
    • Performing Arts
      • Wolffgang: $20.00 per student per school year. 

    Athletic Fees can now be paid online.

    Please be sure to include your student's name and sport in the text box.

    Hobart Middle School Athletic Fees https://hobart.revtrak.net/Middle-School/hms-athletics/

    Hobart High School Athletic Fees    https://hobart.revtrak.net/High-School/hhs-athletics/