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    MICHIANA Program Description:
    MICHIANA is a five year collaborative effort between the Great Lakes American Cancer Society (ACS), the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), and the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH).

    In April 2003, the first MICHIANA Coordinated School Leadership Insitute was launched with 18 school districts/corporations. The school districts/corporations provided training, technical assistance, and financial support to assist in implementing a coordinated school health approach. Results indicate that districts/corporations involved in MICHIANA have increased the amount of student physical activity, healthy meal options, health education offerings, student healthcare offerings, and funding for health related grants. Due to the success of these districts, a MICHIANA II will begin April 2008.

    MICHIANA Objectives:
    The purpose of MICHIANA is to enhance the health of Michigan and Indiana students by planning and implementing Coordinated School Health Programs within school corporations/districts. Upon completion of the training districts and corporation will:

    1. Establish a district/corporation level school health council.
    2. Hire a district/corporation level school health coordinator.
    3. Develop and/or enhance health related policies, systems, and environments that pertain to the health of students and staff.
    4. Demonstrate competency in building organizational capacity (staff, resources, and funding) for the promotion of school health programs.

    Board Policy 8510 - Wellness