• Board of School Trustees Earns Master School Board Recognition


    The CAP program began on July 1, 1992 to recognize officially seated board members for their dedication to continuous improvement, especially through attendance at ISBA-sponsored conferences, seminars, and retreats. Other selective activities have also been recognized as valuable experiences for board members and participation in these activities also contributes to individual point totals.

    How the Program Works

    Individual board members can earn four different level distinctions, Level 1, 2, 3 and Master board member, by accumulating points for various ISBA or ISBA recognized activities. As each individual level is attained, the board member is awarded a lapel pin to proudly wear at ISBA and other educational functions. In addition, they are recognized in the ISBA quarterly publication. If a majority of a board attains a minimum of Level 1 recognition, the board is considered an Outstanding Board. Once all board members have attained a minimum of Level 1 and completed a board self-assessment with the ISBA Director of Board Services, the board will be recognized as a Master Board.

    More Information about CAP

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