Brickie Makers & Innovators Showcase


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  • Brickie Makers and Innovators Showcase 2018

  • Brickie Makers & Innovators Showcase 2017

    This year, when you walked into the Field House, you could not help but stop to take in all of the inventors and ideas that were filling the room. There were creatures made entirely out of recycled materials, artists that showcased their incredible work, 3-D modeling and Animation, photography, origami, another artist who made beautiful jewelry and miniature food and furniture all out of clay and so many more inventions! The best part is that when you went to the booth to see the invention, the child sitting on the other side explaining everything, is the one who did it all! From the imagination, to the hard work and dedication, to showcasing it to the many people that walked through the doors. The kids did it all! As usual, we were blown away by what was created and cannot wait until next year! Keep inventing Brickies!



  • Brickie Makers & Innovators Showcase 2016

    The 2nd Annual Brickie Maker Faire was on April 20, 2016 and it was a huge success! We had 87 showcases with over 100 student participants. It was an amazing evening full of creative and innovative projects! Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in the event. Brickie innovators are the future, and we are so proud of all of you.

    Students from the Hobart High School TV Studio not only showcased their work, but also filmed and interviewed all of the participants. Take a look below at the brief clip of the 2016 Maker & Innovator Showcase, and make sure to watch for all of our video interviews right here on this page soon!

    Also, check out the video below to see the projects from last year's faire, the 1st SCOH Brickie Maker Faire!