• Kindergarten Screening

    Students entering Kindergarten at the School City of Hobart are required to participate in aour Kindergarten Connection Experience offered in the Spring before they begin school. You will be able to schedule this when you register your little Brickie! What is the Kindergarten Connection Experience? 

    An hour of in person play time at the ELC for your child to show off all of their wonderful skills.  The following COVID precautions will be followed: only 3 children in the classroom at a time, everyone will wear a mask and all play materials will be individualized and disinfected.  Parents will assist in dropping their child off and will wait in the car while filling out paperwork.

    A separate 20 minute parent-school conference so that we can begin the wonderful home-school relationship to support your child.  You are the expert on your child and the information you have to share is priceless as we get them started with their education.

    The results of this screening are one of the measures used to help sort the students into appropriate classrooms. The screening is not readiness assessment, the best person to discuss your child's readiness for Kindergarten is your child's preschool teacher and your pediatrician.


    Check below for some common questions and answers.

    What screening tool is used?
    The DIAL-4 is the developmental screening used. It is designed to measure the most fundamental or basic concepts that are acquired by young children.

    What areas does the screening examine?
    The DIAL-4 examines three major areas:
    Motor - Catching, jumping, hopping, skipping, building, thumb and finger motor skills, cutting, copying and name writing.
    Concepts - Identification of body parts, colors, rapid color naming, counting, positions, concepts (big/little) and shapes.
    Language - Personal data, articulations, objects and actions, letters and sounds, rhyming and I spy, problem solving and intelligibility.

    Does the screening examine any other areas?
    Yes, the screening operators take behavioral notes; for example, how willing the child is to separate from the parent/caregiver. These observations may be used to explain individual variations in the way children approach the tasks given in the screening. Operators also note if the child has English as a second language or if they exhibit speech patterns that may need to be examined more closely.

    What happens when my child comes for the screening?
    The adult will sign in and their child will go "hang out" with an operator at a table while they wait for one of the other 3 operators conducting the assessment to become available. The child will then take turns between the 3 operators, for about 15 minutes each. Upon completion of the three areas, you will be called to meet with the final operator who will discuss the results for your child. Please dress your child in comfortable clothes and sneakers or other shoes that won't affect their jumping and/or skipping.

    How long does the screening take?
    Usually it takes an hour depending on the child being assessed.

    Who are the screening operators?
    They are the School City of Hobart's Instructors.

    How should I prepare my child for the screening?
    Make sure your child is not tired, hungry, or sick. Try not to be rushed to attend another appointment afterwards. Do not pressure your child to perform well. Do not prep them for the screening. Your child will do their best if they are relaxed and stress-free.



    The School City of Hobart does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information or disability, including limited English proficiency