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    The world of four and five year olds is filled with wonder and excitement. Brickie Kidz Preschool gives your preschooler the opportunity to learn both in groups and one on one with a teacher at their individual pace. Each class has 2 licensed professionals as well as high school students looking to pursue a career in early childhood development. Whether they want to be a teacher, child psychologist or pediatrician they will gain the skills and knowledge needed to help better both their and your child's future. Under the supervision of  licensed teachers, Mrs. Cheryl Cornett (Bunch) and Mrs. Cortney Harris, high school juniors and seniors experience direct interaction with the prekindergarten students. This class allows high school students to experience first hand what it is like to work with little ones. It also helps them earn college credits! High school students taking this class truly enjoy working with young children and are planning to seek a future career in this area.




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    School City of Hobart residents may register their child to attend the Brickie Kidz preschool if their child will be 4 years old on or before August 1st of the upcoming school year. We have TWO Brickie Kidz Preschool locations! Our preschools are located in Hobart High School and in the Early Learning Center at George Earle. Your Preschooler will attend 3 classes a week Tuesday - Thursday at either the morning class (8:15-10:45) or afternoon class (11:45 - 2:15) Classes are 2 1/2 hours long and give your child the opportunity to learn independence, self-confidence and responsibility as well as help jump start their education and prepare them for the Kindergarten curriculum. There are scholarships available as well.

    For more information, feel free to call the main office at either the High School or Early Learning Center.
    High School Office - (219) 942-8521
    Early Learning Center - (219) 942-7263


    Important Information for Our Brickie Kidz Students and Parents