• High Ability

    At School City of Hobart (SCOH), we use a variety of assessment methods to collaborate with parents and students in identifying the most suitable educational paths and courses that align with their aspirations. Our extensive course offerings, combined with the flexibility of Voice & Choice in scheduling and the plethora of courses available through Hobart University, create a top-tier, personalized study program. This program ensures every Brickie can excel with purpose!

    We're proud to be one of only 17 districts nationwide to be recognized as a Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Distinguished District. This honor celebrates our dedication to helping students take charge of their education by boosting awareness, engagement, and achievement through our PLTW programs. PLTW applauds SCOH for enabling students to unlock their potential by acquiring the sought-after, practical knowledge and skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom.


    CogAT Cognitive Abilities Test

    A key part of this programming includes our administration of the CogAT Cognitive Abilities Test in Grades K, 2, & 5

    The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is a vital tool in our educational system. Unlike traditional achievement tests, the CogAT measures a student's potential to learn and solve problems, focusing on Verbal, Quantitative, and Nonverbal reasoning abilities.

    These abilities are crucial for success in school-related tasks, such as problem-solving, abstract thinking, and quick learning. The CogAT allows us to understand each student's unique cognitive profile, enabling us to tailor our teaching methods to their learning styles.

    Importantly, the CogAT plays a key role in identifying high ability students. These students demonstrate exceptional potential and, by identifying them early, we can provide the challenging material they need to thrive. This ensures that all students, including those with high abilities, receive the education best suited to their needs.

    In essence, while achievement tests tell us what a student has learned, the CogAT helps us understand how a student learns, which is invaluable in fostering their academic growth and success.


    Ability Data

    Ability data refers to insights into a student's potential for learning, their readiness to demonstrate creative problem-solving skills, and adaptability in different learning situations and environments. It goes beyond achievement data, focusing on how students learn.

    To learn more, please visit: https://blog.riversideinsights.com/ability-data-student-potential-cogat


    Multiple Domains

    CogAT provides detailed insights into students' verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal reasoning abilities in a short time. It offers individual scores and composites, giving a comprehensive view of student potential, unlike other tests.

    To learn more, please visit: https://riversideinsights.com/citc/teacher-report-guides


    Measure Reasoning for All Students

    CogAT offers reliable data for all students, irrespective of language, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

    To learn more, please visit: https://riversideinsights.com/citc/best-practices

    If interested in learning practical ways to support your student’s unique abilities, visit the all-new CogAT.com and check out the new Resources for Parents: https://riversideinsights.com/citc/dashboard-parent