• Employability Skills

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    We will all partake in Work Based Learning!  Breanna Pardus, Class of 2017

    All HHS Juniors and Seniors take part in a 2-semester long Interactive Media course. This is a blended course, which means we are combining digital media with traditional classroom methods. Here’s a short video on Blended learning. This approach deliberately allows for flexibility since students can, in part, control the time, pace, and place of their learning. Many colleges, universities, and programs use this framework since it fosters independent learning with guided accountability.

    This course is run through Google Classroom by a team that consists of technology experts and content experts. Click here for Yohan’s Guide to Using Google Classroom!

    The overall goal of the Work Based Learning (WBL) course is to prepare students for multiple career and/or college pathways. To do so, this course focuses on building students’ skills and knowledge in their chosen career path or furthers their study within their area of interest.

    By working with our student mentors, community partners, educators, staff members, and administrators - WBL focuses on helping students progress through these stages of the career education continuum on their path to career readiness. Through the use of PAIRIN surveys, Worth Ethic Certificates, Google Classroom, Google Forms, Google Sites, Google Sheets, and videocasts, Google Hangout, community partner involvement, on site visits, and our Habitudes book study - students will receive the instruction, on-site experience, and collaborative experiences needed to become increasingly aware of their career interests, explore such interests, and ultimately prepare for their eventual careers.

    What do we do?

    • We will be learning about the “World of Work”
    • This course is intended to give you a better insight on Careers
    • We will help you identify your soft skills
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
    • We will assist you on work ethic
    • What does an employer expect of me as an employee?

    Hiring Youth in Manufacturing Training Programs Rules and Guidance

    Why Work Ethic?

    Why Work Ethic

    Work Ethic Certification

    Intro and Overview to Work Ethic
    School Fact Sheet 2018
    Student Intent to Participate
    Work Expectations: Student Self-Evaluation and InstructionsCompilation Form and Instructions (additional requirements included in this document)

    Add'l Reqs for WEC  

    Adult Evaluator Identification List
    Evaluator Instructions and Form

    Community Service Documentation Form
    Compilation Form and Instructions
    Regional Work Ethic Certificate

    WEC Realignment 

    Goals of the Course

    • To assist Juniors & Seniors in the World of Work
    • How will we do this?
    • Field trips
    • Internships - Real People! Real Jobs! Real Opportunities!
      Watch HHS alumni speak about the role of internships in a work-based program and benefits of the experience.
    • Job Shadowing Experiences
    • Google Classroom tools
    • Email Communication
    • Skyward Newsfeed


    Employer Expectations

     What does my employer expect of me as an employee?