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    PSAT & SAT

    Who takes the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10 NMSQT, & SAT?

    Grade 9:

    All students take the PSAT 8/9

    Grade 10:

    All students complete the PSAT 10

    Grade 11:

    All students complete the SAT

    Why did Indiana move to the SAT for its high school accountability assessment?

    Is the SAT still important?

    “With the SAT test being named Indiana’s high school accountability assessment, students performing well on the test is more important than ever. These sessions are a continuation of our work developing teachers throughout the state and increases our programs statewide impact on the education system, both are major goals of the program,” said Tabitha Cinowski, Assistant Director of Indiana GEAR UP 

    What are the SAT Benchmarks?

    New SAT Benchmarks

    The SAT Suite of Assessments’ College and Career Readiness Benchmarks work together to help students and educators assess student progress toward college readiness from year to year. Benchmarks help:

    • Identify students who are thriving and require greater challenges.
    • Identify students who require additional academic support.
    • Inform instructional and curricular enhancements throughout an institution.

    ***Note: The SAT benchmarks for Indiana will be set after the 2021-2022 school year***

    PSAT & SAT Motivational Plans:

    Preparing to take the PSAT or SAT?

    Wondering what you should expect on test day?

    Trying to understand your results after taking the test?

    Looking to find motivation for completing the PSAT or SAT?

    Understanding The Scores:

    Khan Academy: Individual Help to Increase Your PSAT & SAT Scores

    Students who prepare using Official SAT Practice see substantial improvement in their SAT scores.

    6 or more hours with a best practice is associated with an average 39-point increase in SAT scores

    • In 2019, researchers analyzed the association between the use of Official SAT Practice and SAT scores from approximately 545,000 SAT test-takers from the class of 2019.
    • In the study, they identified three best practices: leveling up skills, completing a full-length practice exam, and following personalized practice recommendations.
    • Students who used Official SAT Practice for six or more hours and engaged in at least one best practice scored 39 points more, from PSAT/NMSQT® to the first SAT than students who did not use Official SAT Practice (a .20 effect size).
    • Score increases hold regardless of demographic characteristics.

    Tiffany's Path to Success

    Q: How does Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy work?

    Watch the video overview of Official SAT Practice(Opens in a new window) or read through the bullets below:
    • Official SAT Practice works by understanding each student’s strengths and weaknesses and providing personalized recommendations on math, reading, and writing skills to help prepare them for the SAT.
    • These personalized recommendations are created based on students' past test results (e.g., PSAT/NMSQT or SAT) or based on diagnostic quizzes.
    • Videos & articles help students learn and brush up on SAT concepts and strategies.
    • Practice problems, official full-length practice tests, timed mini-sections, and essay practice tools allow students to practice and apply what they’ve learned.
    • Finally, students are encouraged to create a practice schedule based on their SAT date. Khan Academy will send practice reminders to help students stay on track.

    Q: How do I link my Khan Academy account & my College Board account?

    gaston honor roll

      Khan academy Celebration! 

    Congratulations to the School City of Hobart!  By increasing access to stimulating courses and college opportunities, our school district has created a culture of success and earned a place on the Gaston Caperton Opportunity Honor Roll!  Read the National Press Release!

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