• Class of 2023

    Students and parents will need to schedule a 15-minute appointment with their counselor using the following link: https://schoolcityofhobart1369.setmore.com/
    You will schedule your appointment during the following timeframes: March 14th – 18th

    Please check with your student to make sure only one appointment is made and it is made during a study hall or elective class. Students will meet with the counselor in person, but parents can join via Zoom. You need to schedule your appointment with your assigned counselor:

    • Last names A-E: Mrs. Hamilton
    • Last Names F-J: Mrs. Orchard
    • Last Names K-Q: Ms. Clindaniel
    • Last names R-Z: Mrs. Hensley

    It is extremely important to put time and consideration into planning your student’s schedule. We work hard to build student schedules and it’s important for the student/parent to review the schedule with the counselor to ensure the student is on track for graduation.

    Elective Class Options