Showcase Of Preschools
  • Why Preschool?

    School City of Hobart has a goal to see every child have the opportunity to go to pre-k.  The reasons for this are many, but mainly because children gain the following things from going to preschool.  


    • Children gain physical skills as they play with toys, use scissors. glue and playdoh.   Preschool is full of opporunities for children to learn to use both their large and fine motor skills for life. 

    child drawing with crayons

    • Children gain social skills as they learn to cooperate and share and resolve conflicts in the classroom. 


    • Children gain cognitive skills as they must think about how to solve complex problems



    Things to Consider When Choosing a Preschool:  


    Play and Academic Focus 

    • How much time is focused on learning through play?
    • How big is the inside and outside play area?
    • Are there field trips?P
    • Who drives for the field trips?
    • Is there a music and/or art program? If not, how are these incorporated into the day?


    Classroom Environment

    • What is the daily routine?
    • How often do preschool/pre-K classes meet and at what times?
    • How many children and teachers are in one class?
    • What type of discipline guidelines do they have?



    • At what age can my child be enrolled?
    • Does my child have to be potty-trained to attend?
    • Does my child have to be immunized to attend?
    • What is the cost, and are there any financial aid scholarships available?
    • When do we need to be registered and what paperwork do we need?


     Does the Preschool Receive Continued Professional Development and Collaborate with Others? 

    • How much professional development do the teachers and professionals get each year? 
    • Do they collaborate with other early childhood professionals? 
    •  Does the preschool belong to any professional organizaitons?  

          Click on each Image Below for Preschool Details                                          

      Bright Start Preschool- Press here for more information                

    Bright Start Preschool 




    Hobart YMCA- Press here for more information

    Hobart Family YMCA Preschool 



          Peas in a Pod Preschool- press for more information     

    Peas in a Pod Preschool 





        The Brickie Kidz Preschool- Press here for more information    

    Brickie Kidz Preschool                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Kids 1st Preschool - Press here for more information

    Kids 1st Preschool



    Click on image of Caring Heart for more information Open arms

    Caring Heart Open Arms Daycare 


    On my way pre-K logo

    On My Way Pre-k Indiana -Options for Families with Limited Income