• Human Growth & Development

    The School City of Hobart will be using materials from the “Always Changing and Growing Up” Program.

    These materials will help both boys and girls: 

    • Understand the physical and emotional changes they experience during puberty and acknowledge that these changes are a normal part of growth and development.   This includes body changes that happen to both girls and boys.

    • Understand that personal hygiene is each individual’s responsibility. 

    • Understand how girls manage their periods. 

    • Learn about making good decisions and powerful words to make a positive impact. 

    • Learn how to stay healthy and confident from the changes that occur to their brains, eating well, and staying safe. 

    • Talk to parents and trusted adults about their feelings and questions during puberty to help them better understand and get the support they need. 

    The program is based on national research and consultation with school nurses, health educators, parents and medical professionals. It has been a trusted resource for over 35 years and has been taught to millions of students worldwide.   We encourage you to use this lesson as a springboard for starting to talk about the topic with your child, if you haven’t already started. You, too, play an important role in helping your child navigate puberty with confidence! 

    Always Changing and Growing Up: How to best support your student during puberty

    Girls Information

    Boys Information

    If you have any questions please feel free to email Jamie Noel, Coordinator of Health Services at  jnoel@hobart.k12.in.us.