Field House with purple background and Yohan Image

    The Hobart High School Field House has an indoor walking track that is open to School City of Hobart residents from October through May.   Each lap is 163 meters.  Inclement weather and athletic competitions may affect the availability.  Please check the schedule for updates.

    Community Usage Policies

    • Must be current residents of the School City of Hobart and show identification (Drivers License, Indiana ID)
    • ONLY the track in the Field House may be used by community.
    • Elementary and Middle School aged students must be with parent/guardian at all times.
    • Morning walkers (6:00-7:15 AM) can enter at door 16.3 located by the tennis courts.  
    • Evening walkers (5:30-7:00 PM) can enter at door 18 located on the east side near the athletic hallway.

    If the schedule below does not load properly on your mobile device, simply turn your phone to view screen in landscape mode.

    Please contact the Hobart High School Athletic Department at (219) 942-8521 ext. 8035 with any questions.