• Enrollment Requirements 

    Parent/Guardian will need to provide the following documents to register their child for Brickie Kidz Preschool

    Immunization records (all records must be on file to start school)

    Custody papers, if necessary

    Child's Original Birth Certificate

    Residency Documents:

    1. Parent/Guardian must present a valid Indiana Driver's License (or State ID) listing your current Hobart address.
    2. Two (2) RECENT HOME-RELATED bills in the name of parent/guardian or spouse showing entire document, including name and service location, if applicable. 
      Acceptable bills include, but are not limited to: mortgage, lease, water, sewer, NIPSCO, cable, internet, landline phone.
      • If you cannot provide two home-related bills in your name or your spouse's name, you will need a Residency Affidavit.  You MUST schedule an appointment!
        • Parent’s Responsibility—You must provide a valid Indiana Driver's License (or State ID) with your current address that is listed on the Affidavit.
        • Resident’s Responsibility (person you are living with)—They must provide a minimum of three (3) items listed above to prove their residence, including a valid Indiana Driver's License (or State ID) and two home-related bills.
        • Both parties will sign the Residency Affidavit.  By signing this affidavit you agree under penalty of perjury that the information provided is true and accurate.

    Please visit our Residency Verification page to learn more about residency affidavits and the residency requirements for the School City of Hobart. 

    Ready to Register? 

    New to the School City of Hobart District? Get started with us at www.hobart.k12.in.us/register

    Choose registration for school year 2024-25.


    Already established with students within the School City of Hobart District?  Visit www.hobart.k12.in.us/skyward

    Login with your Skyward user name and password.

    - Choose New to District Online Enroll to add a new student within your family.


    Registrations are processed in the order received.  After processing, an email will be sent to choose the location and section.

    *Please note there will be a non-refundable $20 registration fee to guarantee spot.