School City of Hobart Presents:
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Teacher WebQuests

WebQuest Subject Author
Save Sydney's Smile Dental Health Joanne Groff
The Adventures of Huck Finn Literature Shirley Coons
The Great Penguin WebQuest Science/Penguins Barbara Phelps
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler  Literature/Spreadsheets Beth Jones, Karen Kasiak, Laura Berg, Matt Balash
 Beethoven Music Beverly Bush
 Mozart Quest Music Beverly Bush
 Welcome to Our Kind of Town Social Studies, Math Rebecca Hayes | Melody Stringer | Marlane Waite from Owen Valley Middle School 
Spencer-Owen Community Schools 
Foreign Language, Social Studies Debbie Olejniczek
 Bienvenidos A Una Aventura Espanola Foreign Language, Social Studies Barb Shinovich
 The Roaring Twenties Literature Shirley Coons
 Lying With Statistics Math: Statistics Joan Storey
View the Valuable Vertebrates Science/Vertebrates Beth Germann
The Underground Railroad Social Studies Suzzane Demaris, Karen Beaty, Mindy Kusbel
Reach for the Stars Career Portfolio Business/Computer Applications Kari Roach
 Dreaming of Owning a Fast Food Franchise Business/Computer Applications Kari Roach
 ART SEARCH Art Jean Rakoczy
 Animals! Animals! Animals! Science Beth Coombs
 LIFE'S CHALLENGES Health Karen Kuyachich | Lisa Cauley
 Fire Safety Health Joanne Groff | Bev Crouch
 Welcome to the World of Frogs Webquest Science/Language Arts Leslie Hedge
 Laura Ingalls Wilder WebQuest Social Studies Karen Kuyachich | Lisa Cauley
 Austraila Social Studies Dominee Kaiser (Duneland)
 Plains Indians Social Studies Ann Casko
 Nutrition Webquest Health Barbara Phelps
 Caterpillar/Polliwog Home Page Science Kathy Martin
 Hatchet WebQuest . Suzanne Demaris and Mindy Kusbel
 Westward Ho! Social Studies Cindy Sheehy and Shannon Jancich
 Geno-Tech Laboratories Science/Biology Jerry Kousen
 Leaf Identification Science Jerry Kousen
 Earth WebQuest Science Ann Casko
 Stock Market Webquest Math/Reading/Economics Karen Kuyachich | Lisa Cauley
 4-H and Farm Animals Science/Social Studies Leslie Hedge
 Spider Webquest  Science Barbara Phelps
Authors and Their Books Language Arts Kathy Martin
 Drug Webquest Language Arts/Science/Health Dominee Kaiser (Duneland)
 Dinosaurs Language Arts/Social Studies/Science Bev Crouch
HELP WANTED: Art Careers Art Jean Rakoczy
Earth Alert Science/Language Arts Shannon Jancich

Student WebQuests

 A Journey Into the World of Giftedness Psychology Jovan, Doug, Collin,Audrey, Amanda, Sarah, Becca, Jen, Chrissy, Melissa, Dan, Aaron, Nicole, Becky, Thuong, Bob, Laura, Tom, Sarah, and Rachel from Mrs. Shinovich's Junior GT Class
Storms Science Eric, Justin, Anthony, Samantha, and Catlyn from Mrs. Miller's 5th grade class at Joan Martin
 Polar Regions Science Justin, Jessica, Jeremy, Tracie, Mike, Ryan,
Aris, Kim, and Sara from Mrs. Miller's 5th grade class at Joan Martin
 Novel: Goats LA/Decision Making Skills Sherry Sako