Mozart WebQuest

    Mozart was a child prodigy.  His father taught him to play when he was very young, and he was soon playing for royalty all over Europe.  During his lifetime he composed operas, music for orchestra, and music for piano.

    You are living at the time of Mozart, (1756 - 1791). Your  task is to choose one of the roles below and prepare a short report (1 page)  about some incident in his life involving that person.  In addition, choose one of Mozart's compositions that you might have heard at the time you were associated with him, and be prepared to play a portion of it for the class, either using a tape or CD, or playing it on the piano.


    To determine how you, as one of these people, would feel about Mozart and his music, you will need to do research on Mozart's life in general.  Read about his life as a child, and later as an adult, and you will get the information you need to do your report.  Use several resources to make your job easier!  You can find examples of his music on some of the websites listed, or you can find CD's and tapes at the Public Library.

 Mozart's Life in 90 Seconds
  The Magic Flute
Mozart Biography

Additional Resources
Groves' Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Joan Martin's Library (ask librarian for books on Mozart)
Public Library for tapes and Disks