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An Internet Treasure Hunt on Dinosaurs

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Surf's up! Grab your brain and head for the further reaches of cyberspace. There's a lot to learn in this information age. Using the Web allows you to discover tons more than you may have ever known possible. Below is a list of questions about dinosaurs and a link to a chart. Print out the chart so you can fill it in as you visit the various links. Surf the Internet links on this page to find answers to the questions and to help you fill in the chart. Don't forget to go after the monster learning wave, the Big Question. Visit the following links to discover some interesting facts about dinosaurs!

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Click here to print the chart

Fill in the chart and answer the following questions as you visit the Internet links.

1.  What would a dinosaur have to do to Ankylosaurus to wound it?

2.  Explain why Tyrannosaurus rex left footprints 1.55 feet long although its feet were much longer.

3.  Describe the shape of Allosaurus' neck.

4.  What is the chief thing a paleontologist studies to learn about the forms of life
that existed millions of years ago?

5.  What did a herbivore dinosaur eat?

6.  Iguanodon had something unusual on each hand. What was it?

7.  What does the word dinosaur mean?

8.  How did Diplodocus' long neck help him find food?

9.  What was the total number of teeth Brachiosaurus had on his top and bottom jaws?

10. Which dinosaur charged into its enemy like a rhinoceros?

11. Did cavemen live at the same time as the dinosaurs?

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The Internet Resources

Dinosaur Myths
Tyrannosaurus rex
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The Big Question

Would you like a new pet? Pretend that you have a new pet dinosaur that you created from two different dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago. Use your imagination to write a story describing your new pet dinosaur. Use the story web to help you write your story. When your story is completed draw a picture of your new pet dinosaur.

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