What is a Brickie?
Brickie Fight Song
History of the Yohan

Hobart High School offers a comprehensive sports program for young men and women, which is dedicated to developing athletic achievement as an important part of the Student's overall education.

Involvement with the program encourages and builds a student's confidence and self-esteem, develops leadership and fosters a sense of accomplishment.  Participation in an athletic program inspires a will to succeed in academics, in life, as well as in athletics.

Sports at Hobart High School are a tradition and an honor.  Hobart athletes contribute significantly to the school and community through their efforts, hard work, and dedication.

An enthusiastic and qualified coaching staff works with the athletes, helping to guide their interests and abilities in the sports of their choice while urging academic excellence.

Hobart High School is a member of the Duneland Athletic Conference (DAC), one of the finest in the state, which consists of eight schools.  These schools include:  Chesterton, Crown Point, LaPorte, Merrillville, Michigan City, Portage, Valparaiso, as well as Hobart.

Students at Hobart High School can compete in 20 different sports (10 boys programs and 10 girls programs) and on multiplelevels for each sports.  Through the years, Hobart athletes and teams have achieved all-conference and all-state recognition.

Hobart High School is located in Northwest, Indiana in Lake County.

Hobart population -- app. 22,000                  Hobart High School enrollment -- 1,100

What is a Brickie?

The Hobart Brickies own one of the most unique team names across the country.  The "Brickies" were named after the local brickyards located in Hobart that, at the time, employed a number of  people in Hobart and Northwest Indiana.
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Hobart Brickie Fight Song

Oh, our team will shine tonight
Our team will shine
Oh, our team will shine tonight
Our team will shine
Oh, our team will shine tonight
Our team will shine
When the sun goes down
    And the moon comes up
    Our team will shine -- go team go
Oh, when the Hobart Brickies
Fall in line
We're gonna win this game
Another time
And for that dear old school
We love so well
And for that old ball team
    We'll yell and yell and yell
We're gonna fight, fight, fight
   For every score
We're gonna win this game and
Win some more
We're gonna roll those (opponent) on the
    Side, on the side --  Ro-o-oll   HEY!

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"The History of Yohan"

Yohan, the school's mascot, was named after a fictional student whose name appeared on a study hall list for days.  His official name was Yohan Petrovich.  He was a figment of George Zupko's imagination and was developed in 1942.  Yohan's physique was developed by building bricks from the years he spent in the brickyards of Hobart.

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