Norwood Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

November 22, 1999
To Addey's Friends in Hobart, IN,

Addey is now at Norwood Ave School in Port Jefferson
Station, New York.  She was delivered this morning by our principal as soon as the mail came.  We had the entire office staff on alert.  We are all very excited. We read your book and the one from White Oak school too.  We can't wait to make one of our own, but that will have to wait until next week as we have our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.  Addey will be wearing  a vest and a headdress just like all the rest of the  class.  We will write to you again tomorrow.

From Addey's Friends in Pt. Jeff. Sta.

November 25, 1999

Thanksgiving was wonderful at Norwood Ave. Elementary
School.  Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. Marz's Class.

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Addey celebrating Thanksgiving with Mrs. Marz's class

Nov. 30, 1999

To Addey's Friends at Hobart,

Today we wrote a class book called The Important Book About Pet Care. We will send a copy along with Addey.  Tomorrow morning after a short Going Away Party we will pack Addey up for the morning mail. We will really miss her but we know another class is waiting to meet her.  We will write again tomorrow.

Addey's Friend's at Norwood Ave. Elem. School

December 1, 1999

Dear Friends in Hobart,

We said,"Good Bye" to Addey this morning. At her farewell party we had donuts and juice. Our student teacher, Mrs. Braun(who is now working  in a 4th grade class) joined us. We had fun sharing Addey with her. We proof read our classbook The Important Book About Pet Care.  We hope you enjoy
reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Next  we checked the check sheet to make sure Addey wasn't leaving anything behind. Then we put Addey in a new  box for her trip to California.  We can't wait to read about her visits to other schools. Thank you all so much for sharing her with us.

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