The Path to the American Revolution

August 1763
The Ohio River Valley
along the
Appalachian Mountains


In August of 1763, after the French-Indian War, an Ottawa Indian chief named Pontiac went to other Indian chiefs along the Ohio River Valley to start a rebellion. He wanted to start a rebellion, because the British fur trappers and traders were on the land where the French and Indians lived. The British had moved the French off the land and the Indians didn't receive any more presents from the French.

Then the Indians took over the British forts and burned the colonists' settlements in the country.

King George III wanted to end Pontiac's rebellion so he issued a proclamation that gave all the land west of the Appalachians to the Indians. This proclamation helped bring peace to the Ohio River Valley. Although the white people there who wanted the land got extremely angry because the land west of the Appalachians was off limits to them.


Pontiac's Rebellion caused the
Proclamation of 1763
to be made by King George III