February 18, 1999

This project is now almost done. It has taken me hours and hours of research. This started out to be a pretty simple assignment for my 4th grade history class, but as I did my research I kept gathering more and more information. Now the simple assignment is an entire web site. There is still a lot of information that I don't have in the pages. I hope to finish some of the other pages I have started. I really want to add more biographies of the important people involved in the fight for America's independence.

I found contradictions in the sources I used. Not knowing which one was right, I used the version found in most of the sources. When I have time, I will try to figure out which version is correct. But as you surf the internet, you will see not all the information will fit together like a puzzle. If you know where I can find information to confirm something you think is not correct, please email me with the source. I do not change information given through email without some evidence.

My next assignment will probably have something to do with the Constitutional Congress. I think there will be more pages added that cover how we became the UNITED States of America.

I receive a lot of mail from Canadians both on this site and the War of 1812 who are upset that I don't talk about the Canadian victories.

In the War of 1812 report, I chose three songs about three different battles and it just happened none of these songs had anything to do with Canada. Some people point out some discrepancies in my report about how far north the American forces got. I can only say I used the information I found in my sources. I was only in 3rd grade when I did the report and only had one week to research and write the report. I will be studying the War of 1812 again and when I do I will look closely to find Canadian victories and will include them on any web page I do. I have nothing against Canadians. My grandmother was born in Saskatchewan when her family was moving from Wales to Southern California.

There were a lot of British victories in Canada during the American Revolutionary War. I followed an outline I was given by my teacher and researched only those battles which were part of my assignment. I don't think my teacher intentionally left out the Continental losses in Canada. I think it just worked out that way. I will also be studying the American Revolution a couple of more times before I graduate from high school. Since I already have a good start on a lot of battles, I will do some research on the Canadian battles.

If you are Canadian and want to see some web pages about the victories in Canada, please email me and I will help you create your own page. I will even link your site to my page! Yes, I am serious 8)

There aren't victories in war. Men and women die because we cannot sit down and compromise our differences. Whether the British, the Continentals or the Canadians won battles does not matter when it comes to the men from every country who were killed.

I am starting to get involved in genealogy. My mother's side of the family immigrated to the United States from Wales in the early 1900s and I have no connection to historical America from my mother's family. My father's side of the family can be traced back to the early 1700s and were involved in the history of our nation. I was just told they fought on both sides during the Civil War. If you have any information about the "Sidebottoms" or the "Sydebothams" from Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri, please email my parents.

I get a lot of emails asking for internet sites where certain information can be found. I have included a Links Page for the American Revolutionary War. If you have or know of a site that should be added, please email me with the url.

Thank you for visiting my site. When I hear that my pages help others with their school work, I know the effort I put into these pages is worth it.