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             I will tell you about where the Cockatoos are located.  Most Cockatoos are located in the Islands of Indonesia. ( Leon 26).  These gentle creatures also come from Australia  (Leon 27).  Wild Cockatoos are usually found in the Australian region from the Celebs in the West to Solomon Islands in the East. They are birds found more in trees than on the ground (Cockatoos).

            Some Cockatoos sit more like Penguins then other parrots.  They can also speak very clear human speech (Leon 28).  Some Cockatoos are bare-eyed and slender-billed (Leon 28).  Most Cockatoos are white, sometimes with pink or yellow tinges and colored crest (“Cockatoos”).  When Cockatoos are surprised or annoyed, they raise the fat white feathers of their crests, reveling the beautiful, salmon under feathers (Leon 26).

            Now I will talk about how Cockatoos eat and hunt.  Cockatoos are a kind of tropical bird so they eat tropical fruit, like bananas and coconuts (Leon 26). If a Cockatoo’s owner or master is always upset and mad that will reflect in the bird (Leon 26).  Dropping its highly flexible neck against its body, the Cockatoo from time to time holds one foot up in what looks like admiration.  This graceful gesture probably says keep away to another bird (Leon 27).  Cockatoos are mainly vegetarians, eating only nuts, seeds, and fruits (“Cockatoos”).  Some species however, have the disadvantage of an ear splitting screech, which doesn’t make then to good of house pets (“Cockatoos”).

            Now I will talk about the home life of Cockatoos.  When Cockatoos are born they look like all the other parrots. they are small and always hungry.  They are weak as a newborn.  The Cockatoo gains weight pretty fast. In 40 days the cockatoo can raise its crest, flap its wings and eat with its feet.  Cockatoos are pink when born.  Also a Cockatoos feet, beak and tongue are not black.  So very quickly it will turn dark black.  The feet of the parents or adults sometime turn white from all the times they walk and play on there sticks or on trees (Leon 21).  Like many parrots Cockatoos find mates for there whole life.  Besides strutting and showing off boy Cockatoos weave their heads from side to side in figure 8 motions for the females (Leon 28).

            Now I will talk about what other things Cockatoos con do.  Cockatoos can learn a wide range of words and animal noises, such as clucking and barking.  They can also learn mechanical sounds.  They can learn tricks such as shaking hands and waving (“Cockatoos”).