Penguin WebQuest

You are a third grade Penguin trying to find out your family's history to make a family tree. You have access to the Internet and you need to find out all that you can about your ancestors so that you can write your report for your teacher. She said that if you do a good job, she will give you extra time to toboggan at recess!


What You Need To Do:

First, you need to choose what kind of Penguin you want to be. Then, you need to do these three projects:


1. Answer the questions listed below by using the resource web pages for your information.


2. Make a mask using construction paper to show what your penguin face would look like.


3. Create a HyperStudio stack to show me what you learned. Your cards should follow the directions that are listed below.




1. Where in the world can you find your penguin?


2. What kind of food does your penguin eat?


3. What does your penguin look like?


4. How big can your penguin get?


5. How much does your penguin weigh?


6. Name three interesting facts that you learned about your



HyperStudio Stack Directions:

You need to create an eight card stack. Your cards need to have this information:

Card 1: Title Card- include your penguin's name, a picture from the Internet, and your names.


Card 2: Draw a map or use the HyperStudio art folder to show where your penguin can be found.


Card 3: Draw a picture of your penguin using the art tools and label some important features that your penguin has.


Card 4: Type on your card how big your penguin can get and how much it weighs. Draw a picture showing this.


Cards 5, 6, and 7: On these three cards, I want you to use the three interesting facts that you learned about your penguin and put each fact on a different card. You can add pictures from the Internet or draw them yourself. This is where I want you to be creative!!


Card 8: Put your masks on and take a picture of each other using the QuickTake camera. Import your pictures to your card 8 and write what you liked best about doing this project.




Penguin Adaptation

Penguins, Penguins, Penguins

Penguin Page


Sea World

About the Antarctic



You will be given a grade according to the following rubric:

This project is worth 100 points:


_____/20 project is completed according to directions.

_____/20 The research that you did on your penguin was done accurately.

_____/10 Your mask was neatly done and had the features of your penguin.

_____/10 Your questions were answered completely.

_____/20 The HyperStudio stack was neatly done without spelling/grammar mistakes.

_____/20 Your presentation was professional and well practiced.


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